Maire Sublime

Happiness comes from a tube of red lipstick.

I struggled with this page. What do I write? What do I leave out? What does “About Me” even mean? So I’m going to do my best to answer the burning question:

Who is Maire Sublime?

The Past

Things weren’t perfect; how could they be? There was slipping and falling, there were huge successes and enormous failures. Suffice it to say, that at 24 years old, 282 pounds and the end of a very long, tattered rope, it was up to me to change my life. And with the love and support of my Daddy and my incredible step-mother, I did it.

When I was a little girl, I lived an awesome, if not unusual life. When other kids were playing in the pool on summer vacation, I was traipsing around the country to various renaissance festivals. When other kids went to the movies on their birthday, I went to holistic healing expos. When some kids spent their evenings being put to bed with a good book and a tuck, I fell asleep to Irish lullabies, masterfully played on an Irish concert flute. When other girls went through adolescent changes, I had not only my parents to guide me, but also any number of crazy hippies to turn to for advice. It was the most incredible adventure.

My Daddy was the rock, the pillar, the strength in our family. He was everything a Daddy should be (and after 30 years, he still is and will be Daddy to me). My mom was a fairy, she was lightness and imagination. They were the perfect complement to each other; he kept us rooted so we didn’t float away, she showed us how to dance in the wind. When I was 13 that all changed, when asthma robbed our family of our very own fairy and my father, had to step in to a dual role at an impossible moment in his family’s timeline.

The Present

Sure, I lost most of the weight. But this story, and this blog, isn’t about losing weight. This blog is about finding love, finding happiness, finding fulfillment  and finding self. At 30 years old and I can finally feel the wheel rolling, rolling somewhere fabulous.

It all started with letting go of other people and caring what they think. Is that a 30-something thing? Just not caring what people think of you? Well, regardless of when it happens – it is liberating. Once I let go of caring about what people think of me I was finally able to care about what I think about myself. Newsflash: I can do a whole lot better, I can be a whole lot happier. I can wear red whenever I want because I love it and I don’t care if people thinking I’m weird, or tacky, or if they think I’m looking for attention. The only person I need to make happy is myself.

The Future

I will be a whole lot happier. Everyday is one step toward finding my inner peace and I am inviting you along for the ride! This little corner of the blogosphere is where I get to work through where I’ve been, and where I am going and how we all can love our selves more, love our bodies more, love our minds more, love our homes more and love the world more. Our impact on everything is a reflection of how we are on the inside.