Paleo Pinup

wpid-2015-01-11-20.02.01.jpg.jpeg*Warning: This is a post about me adapting a meat-eating lifestyle. If you are vegan or vegetarian for ethical reasons, I respect you so much, I respect your views so much. And you probably shouldn’t read the rest of this…

A few years ago, I lost a lot of weight. Over the course of five years, I lost 125 pounds. Yay.

And then I met someone. Someone wonderful. And I stuck to it. I did. And then we moved in together and soon enough it became, “Oh, I’ll share that chocolate with you,” or, “Oh, I’ll have spoonful of that Nutella,” or, “Oh, yeah I want that bowl of cereal if you’re going to pour one.”

And slowly the weight crept back. Not all the way. only about 25 pounds, but I didn’t need that scare. You see, the problem with losing weight is that eventually you have to stop. And while I never really starved myself… my diet was scant on nutrition and plentiful in low calorie snack packs. That is just not a way to live. I was paying more attention to what the scale said, instead of listening to my body which was starved of nutrients.

A few weeks ago, I spoke to a couple of people I know who lost a ton of weight. Hyperbole or no, they lost quite a bit of weight. So I asked them what they did and they both said, “We went paleo.” It stuck with me. It was always something I was interested in, but I have a $100 a week grocery bill anyway, and this looked like a very expensive way to eat. But I gave it another look, and I found Nom Nom Paleo. That looks doable. I could eat like that. I still didn’t get why it worked, only how it worked. The rules of the game. I liked the rules, but it didn’t click for me.

That was a few days ago. I started. I bought real groceries. Really real groceries. As in, just about nothing processed (organic almond butter and Outshine bars only). Yesterday was my first day. The food is tasty. No, it’s tasty. I need to get up a bit of courage and figure out how I cook, but what I made? Simple but good. I still didn’t get it. This morning, when wondering what I might expect, I found South of Vanilla and Kristina’s page on 12 You Might Expect When Going Paleo. This makes so much sense to me! I really get it! And I’m so excited! I can DO this!

And the cost of the groceries? I can’t believe I was spending so much on so little junk. My bill was just about the same.


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